Morning Versus Evening Exercise: Which Is Better?


Making time to exercise is only half the battle: the other is exercising itself while keeping yourself motivated and sticking to a consistent routine. When it comes to fitting in time for working out around an already busy schedule, you may be faced with a tough decision. Should you exercise in the morning or evening? 

A lot of women prefer exercising at the crack of dawn before the day’s responsibilities start pouring in. Others favor an evening workout after a strenuous day, mostly to relax and release the pent up stress. While research supports the effectiveness of working out either in the morning or evening, the question remains. Which is the optimal time to exercise, and does it really make a difference?

When Should I Exercise?

According to an associate professor of nutrition and exercise physiology known as Steve Ball, Ph.D. states that anytime is an ideal time to exercise. Dave Smith, a professional weight-loss coach and founder of Make Your Body Work, says that the effectiveness of your workouts depends on whether you’ll be able to fit them into your schedule and lifestyle.

Hence, the time that you choose to workout depends entirely on what works best for you. If you are a night owl, then chances are you’ll perform better at night, as compared to early risers. However, there are some benefits of exercising in the morning, as well as evening workouts.

The Benefits Of Exercising In The Morning

Boost In Energy 

We all tend to turn to coffee for the needed spike in energy, but have you ever considered a jog around the neighborhood? Exercising in the morning gives the body and mind the boost they need to get you through the daily challenges. 

Enhanced Mood

Exercise stimulates the release of happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. They are responsible for enhancing your mood, which will set a healthy tone for the rest of your day. 

Improved Metabolism

If you’re looking to lose weight, then schedule your workout for the morning. When you wake up, you’re coming off a 6-12 hour fast. Working out without breaking the fast will force your body to use the stored fat for energy. 

The Benefits Of Exercising In The Evening

Improved Sleep 

If you usually have problems falling asleep at night, why not try exercising in the evening? Other than tiring your body out, it helps relax your muscles and improve your mood as well. Try not to work out right before bed; a few hours in between will be enough to reap the benefit of improved sleep.


Working out at the end of the day is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day. Physical activity encourages blood flow throughout the body and the production of endorphins as well. Endorphins, which are commonly known as feel-good hormones, are known for their painkilling and stress-relieving effects.

If you choose to exercise in the morning, you’re able to get it out of the way before the day’s responsibilities cloud your time. Evening exercise, on the other hand, will require that you do not let other evening activities get in the way. However, bear in mind that the wish to regularly exercise is what matters the most, so make sure to choose the time of day that will make you want to work out!