Interview with Lucija Lugomer




Lucija Lugomer is one of the most successful plus-size models in South Europe. Along with that, as one of the first influencers in the region, she tore down many taboos and inspired a lot of young women.

We chose Lucija for our Bellabeat summer campaign because as an outspoken ambassador for self-love and body positivity, she stands for so many values we, as a brand, support and can relate to. The first step towards making a positive change is accepting and loving yourself as you are, but knowing you can do even better in order to reach your ultimate state of wellness. Wellness is definitely for everybody, and something everybody can achieve — Lucija, through her work and social media, is making sure all women feel included and loved. 

During the shoot, we caught up with her on how work as an influencer is going. We also decided to bring you some first-hand summer fashion tips and insight into what life as a model looks and feels like.


You’re definitely one of the most successful plus-size models in the region, when did you start your career and what inspires you on your professional path?

First of all, thank you for that compliment! Last month marked exactly 4 years since I started this job and I’m more than happy to be able to claim the title as the first & only published plus-size model from this region.

It all started because I felt like we all desperately needed a change change from the inside out. I needed that change! I was 20 years old when I was starting out and applied for an agency. My first job was as a model for one very known brand of makeup (makeup is my passion and ‘hidden talent’) which led me to meet people I obviously needed to meet. One of them was our most renowned photographer! He works part-time in Paris and part-time here in Croatia for the most popular magazine. He supported me and my idea from the start. As he travels a lot, he knew things in the world were starting to slowly change... accepting body positivity models, curves, plus size… and we made some amazing photos. After that, it’s history!

Other than being a model, you’re also a prominent influencer and a business woman. What part of your job personally brings you the most joy?

The truth is it all brings me joy… when I’m well organized. :) I think, due to being a model, you’re already an Influencer as well as a business woman.

Being a business woman is something I'd always expected and wanted to be one day. I never, ever thought that I would become a model but life has its own funny ways. I truly enjoy the job and I’d love to work as a model even more often than I do now… yes, I’m a workaholic! On top of all of that, being an Influencer is something the media created out of me but I accepted it with hands wide open. When I present myself on social media, I never post just a picture. I always write some inspirational text below. That is my true self where I feel free and have a true sense of connecting with other women.

As a public figure, I can imagine it’s probably hard to draw a clear line between private and public life. How important is life-work balance for you and how do you pursue it?

It’s very important to me. That’s what I’m also referring to when talking about how it all started. I was in the right place at the right time with the right people  who loved me and supported me and in the right mindset. From the very beginning of my career, I was very strict with how much information from my private life I wanted to share with the public. For example, people know that my mom died from breast cancer when I was 11 but I only started opening up about it in order to help others and I’ve managed to make some big changes in Croatia due to that, because I was going to a psychologist and presented that as a good source of help and comfort. When I shared that with the public, every woman that reached out said they have started to work on themselves as well. Yes, my wedding was also partly public but it’s because I finally found a woman that makes some beautiful plus-size wedding dresses here in Croatia and I wanted to help other plus-size women out there know that there is someone who actually cares!

My work is my life, for the most part, but you can also see me on Sunday mornings in my pajamas gardening in my garden. I won’t hide from anyone. Clear soul, clear conscience!

What does your ‘me-time’ look like? What are your favorite activities to help you relax and reconnect?

Oh - definitely gardening, painting, cooking, swimming, and spending time with animals  which is my favorite thing in the world, after my husband & me-time of course, haha!

You talk a lot about body positivity and self-acceptance. What does self-love mean to you? How do you personally practice it?

I practice self-love every single day it’s truly all about the little things in life. It’s about how you think on a daily basis, the way you talk to other people, how you see yourself when you look into the mirror.

Become your own best friend. Learn! Grow! As you accept that process, it’s easier to spend your life time learning how to improve your expression of self-love.

Summer is just around the corner! What are some of the summer beauty and wellness habits you just can’t do without?

Physically - UV protecting! A lot of swimming (one of my favorite activities) and pilates.

When it comes to food - fruits and salads - as well as lots of water.

When it comes to mental health - turning off social media from time to time in order to clear my mind. Also, I enjoy reading some of those ‘wanted-to-read-but-never-had-time’ books.

You’re very stylish. Do you have any summer fashion tips and tricks you can share?

For me, a fashion tip that can be applied all year around is comfort. When you don’t feel comfortable it shows yes, you can really see it!

If you have your own style and it doesn’t fit in with the current (fast) fashion trends don’t bother with the trends. Just be yourself! I love long dresses because they are very comfy and also look stunning.

P.S. Smile more!

How do you see your life changing in the next 10 years, what would you still like to achieve? How much do you think about your health and well-being when planning for the future?

I would definitely like to have kids and learn how to be a great mom as my mum was to me. I’d like to be happily married with at least 3 dogs. Of course, healthy in my body, mind, and soul. I’d like to maintain happiness with my work as well as during my free time and be satisfied with everything else including where I will be at the time and the direction in which the world will be going. I hope to be surrounded by people that have sincere intentions and to continue making others happy as well! I’d like to keep my hobbies of gardening & painting… maybe in Croatia, or maybe somewhere else!