3 Reasons to Meditate During Coronavirus Quarantine

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3 Reasons to Meditate During Coronavirus Quarantine

Whether you’re staying home to practice social distancing or because you’re in actual quarantine, being alone is not uncommon. While some of us have an easier time staying home, the more extroverted ones, who used to hang out a lot and relied on everyday tasks to get some social minutes in are having a hard time adjusting to this new situation. During coronavirus, besides taking care of our physical health it’s important to be mindful of our stress levels and mental health in general. When discussing potential ways of lowering our stress levels, meditation has a proven role in making it happen.

Among an array of benefits it has during this quarantine, we focused on 3 most important ones.

1. How can meditation help me with stress during Coronavirus?

Meditation shifts your body into a state completely opposite of stress. Your heart rate slows down, breathing is deeper and more focused, blood pressure lowers and all of your mental processes slow down. The production of stress-related hormones slows down, relieving other common symptoms such as sweating or redness.  Some research even shows that those who practice meditation daily recover from future stress-induced symptoms faster.

2. Can meditation help me with my mental health?

In times of crisis, it’s not uncommon to experience more prominent symptoms of depression, anxiety or any other similar illness. And this can present in anyone, whether you’ve previously been diagnosed or you’re starting to develop symptoms. Some of you may have been separated from your partner, parents or friends during the coronavirus isolation, and it’s important to manage it. Meditation can help you ease the symptoms and, combined with online socialization, makes this period much easier to overcome. 

3. How to be more productive when working from home?

As most of us are working from home now, it’s sometimes hard to focus on work. Constant news and social media provide us instant information in all areas of life, whether we want to hear it or not. It’s getting harder to concentrate on a single task in a society where multi-tasking skills are a must. 

Mindfulness meditation will help you rebuild your deep concentration skills and lengthen attention span. Centering your mind on the present moment trains your brain to experience it fully as it stops jittering and overthinking. At the time when news are bombarding us from every corner, taking some quiet time makes a difference. 

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