5 Habits Essential for Achieving Mental Strength

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5 Habits Essential for Achieving Mental Strength

Mental strength is a bulletproof predictor of personal resilience and success. It means you’re able to tackle obstacles with ease. There’s not a situation bad enough to make you despair.  

Contrary to popular belief, mental strength is not an inborn trait. Mentally tough people have just been practicing some beneficial habits, which means you can do it too. 

Think of your brain as a muscle. Its strength depends solely on how much exercise you do. 

Here are 5 habits you can start implementing for growing your mental muscles. 


1. Embrace Fear

Too often, we’re afraid of the fear itself. When we experience just an inkling of fear, our first instinct is to make a run for it. But fear is not your enemy. If anything, it’s a valuable asset that warns you of possible dangers. 

Still, it’s not always just that. Sometimes, just stepping out of your comfort zone may induce fear. It’s not telling you that you should hit the brakes and run. Actually, it’s hinting that you’re moving towards a better, more powerful you.

Embrace fear as a sign of growth and a precious companion for life.


2. Be in the Now 

Stop trying to relive your past or even making definite plans for the future. The past is already gone, and who knows what will happen in the future. All you have is the present moment, so don’t waste it by living in your head. You’ll miss out on some awesome experiences you could have right here and right now. 

Living in the now helps you clear your head from regrets and worries. Instead, you can focus on what’s at hand and make better decisions in the present. 


3. Take Responsibility

Start taking responsibility for your life. Maybe it sounds tough (because it is), but with it comes ultimate freedom. 

When you’re aware that you’re the one responsible for the direction of your life, you know that you can make it whatever you want it to be. No one and no circumstances can take power away from you.

Sure, we’ve all been through some hard times. But it’s up to you how you’ll react to it. Will you treat it as a learning opportunity, or as an excuse?


4. Cultivate Gratitude

Don’t let the small moments pass you. Instead of waiting for everything to fall into place, be grateful for your life right now. Yes, it might be messy and imperfect. You shouldn’t live in a dreamland and try to convince yourself otherwise. 

But you also shouldn’t be blind to all the positive aspects of your life. It’s a miracle that you can even read this article! Just think about how much knowledge it takes to do that. 

So, recognize that gratefulness doesn’t depend on perfection. There’s always something to be thankful for, even on the gloomiest days.



Release Expectations

5. Release Expectations

Lastly, release any expectations you have. Forget all about the idea that the world owes you something. It doesn’t. You’re the only one you owe something to, so make it happen!

You shouldn’t expect anything from your significant other, let alone the rest of the world. If you do, you’ll only start taking things for granted and be disappointed when your expectations, inevitably, fall through. It can be the smallest things like expecting your SO to know what you want for your birthday without you telling them. 

Limit your expectations to yourself. You can only expect yourself to meet your criteria, so be as clear as possible about it. Still, leave some room for the detours that you’ll surely have to take here and there. Be O.K. with that!


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