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The way we think about sex toys changed over the years. From the 60s sex-positive feminism, gay rights in the 80s, to the current (almost) widespread acceptance, what we think about them evolved over time. In the 60s, it was a feminist liberation statement, making women feel like they didn’t need a man to depend on for anything, not even sexual pleasure.

Today, there’s still a big taboo surrounding sex toys and their use, although the market has shown they are, indeed, well used. According to a survey directed by sex therapist Laura Berman, LCSW, Ph.D., 44% of women involved claimed they are currently using a sex toy or have done so in the past. The research included women aged 25-60 and the results were similar over the age groups - they used toys at some point in their life. 

Taking into account the statistics and the fact women have a higher chance of achieving orgasm by clitoral rather than vaginal stimulation, it is not surprising that almost 50% of women incorporated sex toys into their life. Not only can they help you orgasm faster and easier, but they can also impact your endurance and lift your penetrative sex to a new level. 

Check out other benefits sex toys have for your body!


1. Get to know your body

The best sex tip to achieve orgasm has always been to first learn what you like and then give the instructions to somebody else. Using a sex toy, whether it’s a dildo, vibrator, or beads gives you a great opportunity to learn what kind of affection and stimulant you like, while enjoying yourself on the way. Experimenting with sex toys on your own will, therefore, allow you to guide your partner through new levels of intimacy!


2. Have better orgasms

It’s a fact that sex toys (primarily vibrating ones) can intensify your orgasm! During regular intercourse, most women don’t experience an orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Since we’ve been culturally conditioned that sex includes only a standard in-and-out motion, it’s no surprise that so many women can’t finish. Including a sex toy in the form of a vibrator or a vibrating ring can raise your chances of orgasming, as well as provide both you and your partner with more ideas to incorporate into intercourse.


3. Gets you in the mood

It’s safe to say most women understand the importance of foreplay. Not only does it get you “in the mood”, but the arousal also lubricates your vagina, making it easier to have penetrative sex. For some who may have a harder time getting aroused, sex toys can act as a simple way to reach the final destination. For those who like to rush, they can slow everything down, making it even more pleasurable, especially when used with your partner. 



4. Reduces stress and tension

It’s well known that orgasm makes you feel more relaxed and happy, but have you ever thought why it happens? Well, it has everything to do with your brain. During orgasm, your brain works hard, producing different hormones and neurochemicals causing that feeling. One of the most important ones is dopamine, the happiness hormone, responsible for feelings of pleasure, motivation, and desire. Since it can be easier to reach orgasm with a sex toy, they’re clearly a stress relief. 



5. Improves your relationship

Sex toys start a discussion. Talking about it isn’t something we as a society really do, whether we’re thinking about the public, or about our own relationship. Although it may seem like something that can be uncomfortable, your sex life should be a taboo between you and your partner. Talking about your ideas, fantasies, and wishes can quickly help you see them in a completely new light - and maybe you find even more things in common. 

Whichever toys you may be using (or decide to use after reading this article), make sure to follow some simple tips to keep everything as safe as possible. 

Sanitize your toys

    Make sure to properly clean your toys after every use with an antimicrobial/antibacterial gel and store them safely.

    Use condoms

      Although you may think you don’t need to use a condom as your sex toy is clean, but using it will also protect the delicate silicone your toy may be made out of.

      Read the instructions

        Whichever toy you may have, make sure to read its user manual throughout. Check out which lubes is it compatible with (silicone can only be used with water-based lube) so you don’t ruin it and learn how to operate it before using it. 

        We hope this gives you some more information on how sex toys can help you lower your stress levels, have better orgasms or make your relationship even better!


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