How to Keep Your Mood up When Your Health Is Down

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How to Keep Your Mood up When Your Health Is Down

When your body is feeling bad, it’s usually not surprising for your mind to follow. The connection between the mind and body is a sensitive balance, and it’s easy for one to drag the other down with it.

You probably know it yourself. When you have a cold or any kind of illness, your brain just goes into victim mode and every task becomes much. The truth is, when you’re sick is when your body will need the most positivity. Your mind can help your body heal if you know how to see when you’re treating it badly, and turn it into working on yourself.

Here are some suggestion that can guide you in achieving some peace of mind during illness.



Don’t let being sick take over your mind.

It’s easy to let your illness drag take over your mind, which is one of the main reasons the holistic approach towards health is becoming more widespread and appreciated. This is a natural human response to feeling bad, because when you feel emotionally distraught as well, it takes some burden from the physical pain only your illness might bring. A good technique is to not disregard your pain and discomfort or try to fake your positivity. Rather than faking it, try embracing your illness, evaluating it, and noticing exactly which part of you is in pain. If you accept your illness and allow yourself to feel the discomfort, what was once a roaring storm of hurt might wind down to just a painful breeze that you won’t notice as much anymore. This might also make you feel better as you will see you still have some control over your body - something that might seem unattainable while struggling with an illness. And don’t forget to remind yourself that you don’t have to feel bad emotionally, just because you feel bad physically. It’s something you need to actively work at.




The best way to have some peace of mind is by meditating. It will clear you of those bad thoughts, and the slippery self-pity slope. Giving your mind a break and doing a few meditations might help you stay positive. Not to mention, meditating before bed might can make it easier for you to fall asleep. Give one of the 3D meditations in your Bellabeat app a chance to take your mind on a recuperating journey.


Drink enough water.

This is vital. DRINK. A. LOT. OF. WATER. Your body is very busy trying to fight off illness and you need to hydrate it regularly so that it can heal itself. People often overlook the benefits of proper hydration, but when you’re sick, drinking enough water is the best way to be your body’s Sidekick as it fights against the evil viruses or bacteria infecting it. A great alternative to just regular water is tea! Find one that you like and hydration might come easier than expected. If you normally struggle with hydration, we have you covered! Our new smart water bottle Spring is here to help! 


Eat healthy.

To add to the above, make sure you’re eating healthy! When you’re sick it can be hard to force yourself to cook anything let alone actively seek healthy food you can make. But when your body is healing, it needs nutrients that will help along.  These include fruits, vegetables, and all the vitamins and benefits a healthy meal brings. Not to mention you won’t have that guilt for just going with your mood and reaching for some comfort food. 


Surround yourself with a pleasant atmosphere.

When you’re sick, make sure you’re comfortable. Find a clean place to lay down, where you won’t be disturbed by external sources. Don’t put any additional stress on your senses. Being in a good atmosphere will make recovery easier and make your mood better. Your energy will already feel lower than usual, you might be a lot more irritated which means it would take a smaller thing to make your mood drop. You’re sensitive when you’re sick, so make sure you stay away from anything that might push you more towards the edge - including a messy or uncomfortable environment. A little change every once in a while might help as well - a simple change of scenery from the bedroom to living room might brighten your mood.



Make sure you absorb some good energy.

As mentioned, when you’re sick your energy is all depleted by healing your body, which leaves your mind more vulnerable to the outside world. Do your best to only do things that make you feel good, and spread that good energy to you. Whether it is a book, a movie, a hobby or even a person - make sure they make you feel better instead of worse. It’s always a good thing to cut away the bad things in your life, but for now, just make sure you keep them at arm's length until you feel better.



Don't isolate yourself.

Don’t isolate yourself.

Of course, you shouldn’t spend too much time around others to avoid infecting them if your illness is transferable. Due to that, it’s also easy to isolate yourself from the world and others - which will only bring your mood down. Make sure you reach out to your loved ones, text them and tell them you’re not feeling good. Ask if anyone would be willing to take a nice short walk with you. A little fresh air and company will do wonders for your mental state.


Laugh often.

Laughter is the cure for everything in life! When you laugh, your body releases hormones that stimulate your happiness, and being happy will ensure you will heal faster as well. This doesn’t mean you have to laugh out loud if you have a sore throat and if it will bring on the Mother of all Coughs. But try to watch things that make you smile. For example, try watching some funny videos or movies, reading a positive book, or just talking to a friend that always makes you crack up. Find something that will bring you joy and you will improve your healing process significantly!

We hope these tips help and if you’re currently struggling with an illness - whether it is a common cold or a long-term illness -  we hope that you will soon feel much better!

Keep being strong and stay positive!


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