Amazing Female Friendships That Helped Change The World

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It’s time to commemorate ladies celebrating ladies. What started as a fictional holiday mentioned on a TV show, Parks and Recreations, has now widely been accepted as real by women around the world. After all, it’s not like we need an excuse to celebrate the amazing women in our lives, but it can’t hurt to have a legitimate excuse as to why you’re spending a girls night on the 13th or decided to treat yourself and your bestie to an impromptu spa day.

Let’s take today to reflect on how amazing women are and the beautiful bonds they build with each other.

When women support women amazing things happen… and these inspiring female friendships are the proof of that!


Here's a list of our 7 favorites:

Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald

The story of these two iconic women is definitely one for the ages. According to Ella Fitzgerald, she owes the start of her entire success to one particular friend… Marilyn Monroe. The recounted story says, that Fitzgerald was trying to book a gig at the Mocambo in Hollywood , back in 1955, but the manager of the club was unsure about hiring her - he didn’t think Ella could draw a crowd due to the still fervent segregation and racism.

That’s when Monroe felt compelled to step in. She promised to book a front row table every single night, if they gave Fitzgerald the job. Naturally, every night the club was overflowing with the press, eager to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous blonde, and were blown away by the talented Fitzgerald who was a quick hit. When asked about it later Fitzgerald would say, "I owe Marilyn Monroe a real debt. After that I never had to play a small jazz club again. She was an unusual woman — and ahead of her time, and she didn't know it."



Charlotte Brontë And Mary Taylor

These two women were polar opposites that were simply destined to meet. It was as if each one had something the other lacked, and influenced each other in order to flourish into the women they became. Taylor, unlike Brontë, was from a progressive family with strong opinions what’s right and wrong in the world, and it was her opinions that eventually made Bronte equally as passionate about women’s rights and gave her the strength to fight the limitations placed on her.

It was also Taylor who pushed her friend to leave the life of a school teacher, as Charlotte herself was entirely unhappy with it, and encouraged her to pick up her pen and become a writer instead. And the rest, as they say, is history!


Virginia Woolf And Katherine Mansfield

Likely among the most interesting friendships on this list, Woolf and Mansfield are often looked upon as just rivals - yet, they were much more than that. The reality is that the two women were actually close friends that truly appreciated each others opinion, and as writers were highly influenced by each other. They competed with each other and pushed each other to improve their skills.

They wrote thousands of letters to each other, sent each other presents in the mail or discussed their recent ideas over tea. Most notably, Mansfield’s negative review of Woolf’s second book, Night and Day, pushed and motivated Woolf to write another 3 war novels, which are now considered some of her very best work.

Gloria Steinem And Marlo Thomas

Imagine if a movie about your life was being met, and you meet the person who is supposed to be playing you... do you think you would get along? Well, this activist duo got the answer to this question when they met in 1967. Thomas was asked to play Steinem in a movie, portraying her as a journalist during the time she took upon a role of an undercover Playboy Bunny for one of her articles. The pair connected instantaneously over what you might call a very unpleasant conversation with the agent in charge of putting the movie together.

While in one of their meetings, the agent said "Boy, I don't know which one of you I'd like to f*ck first!" and both Thomas and Steinem lashed out at him for his outrageous comment.

The movie responsible for the pair’s bonding never happened, but Steinem and Thomas have encountered and fostered their close bond ever since. As Thomas said, “We have been confidantes, soul mates and sisters."


Eleanor Roosevelt And Lorena Hickok

The beautiful friendship between tough-minded American journalist, Lorena Hickok, and the First Lady of America, Eleanor Roosevelt, has been the topic of many discussions primarily due to their closeness. Whether their relationship was ultimately romantic or completely platonic isn’t what the focus should be on. What should be highlighted was the amazing bond they shared, and how beautifully they improved each others lives for the better.

The two exchanged thousands of letters, traveled together and had a unique connection. Hickok also inspired and encouraged several of Roosevelt's women-centered initiatives. Whatever the true nature of their relationship was, one thing is certain, they brought out the best in each other and supported each other in times of need, like true best friends would.


Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

No list with female friendships can go without Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. These two formidable and brave women were the founders of women’s rights in America, and naturally, the ultimate feminist dream team. The two completed each other perfectly and used their individual strengths to campaign for women’s suffrage when no one else would. As Anthony was not married, she could travel around the country rallying for their shared cause. On the other hand, Stanton was an excellent writer and would craft all of Anthony’s speeches for her.  Their close bond remained for 50 strong years, until Stanton’s death.

Stanton once wrote to Anthony, "No power in heaven, hell or earth can separate us, for our hearts are eternally wedded together."



The Edinburgh Seven 

This amazing group of women were seven friends who started a revolution and turned it into an entire feminist movement in the United Kingdom. The group had managed to enroll into the University of Edinburgh to study medicine in 1869, but the difficulties they faced as first female students of the University were horrendous. From their classes being graded differently to make receiving scholarships harder, shutting doors at their faces and howling at them, to riots where male students threw mud and brought sheep to the exams the women were taking. Even though the University wasn’t on their side, the seven women fought a campaign that gained national attention, ultimately leading to new laws that ensured all women could study medicine, and finally paving the path for generations of female doctors.


Now if this article didn't inspire you to call up your best gal pals and tell them how much you love and appreciate them... then you should read it again! ;) These are just some of the most amazing female friendships, but the list could go on indefinitely.



After all, we get by with a little help from our friends. 


Share this with your favorite girl friend and commemorate this fun day together. 



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