Interview with Amanda Busack


Being a mom is such a huge part of my identity now and I’ve learned so much about myself in the two short years that my daughter has been in my life. We did natural fertility treatments to prepare for Lil and I try to balance living a natural, healthy lifestyle while not losing the flexibility that’s necessary when raising a toddler.

As much as I hope to be a good role model and teach my daughter everything she needs to know, I see traits in her that I admire and she is always teaching me lessons. I’m constantly amazed by this little girl!

BELLABEAT: How has your life changed? 

My priorities have shifted so much! I definitely still care about my nutrition and fitness, but my “why?” is not about fitting into an outfit or looking bikini-ready. Instead, it’s about being a good role model and teaching my daughter to love and respect her body and mind. I think about the future so much more now, and it’s fun to dream about the person she will become. I’m also learning so much and it’s been amazing to carry over lessons I learned from being a mom into other areas of my life. 

BELLABEAT: How do you find balance? 

I always strive for balance but never really maintain it! I have a tendency to go full-force with everything (work, house cleaning, packing too many activities into a weekend) and I’ve learned that I just start to burn out if I don’t take some time for rest and relaxation. 

My favorite quote is “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, and it’s just so true for mommies. It’s easy to feel guilty when trying to practice self-care, but I know that it makes me a better mom when I do — so some me-time always wins! 

BELLABEAT: What advice would you give? 

My best advice would be to be flexible! I had a birth plan, meal plan, daily schedule, and heaps of expectations about who I would be as a mom and who my baby would be. All of it pretty much went out the window and I quickly realized you can’t cling to those expectations and rigid rules. Listen to your body, listen to your baby, and always trust your gut. The rest will fall into place.