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What you get with the Bellabeat Wellness Coach

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Hyper-personalized programs based on your body’s hormones and needs.

You’re unique so you need a unique approach to your well-being. We’ve spent 5 years getting to know women better, in order to create specialized programs that take into account your needs and lifestyle. We’ll get to know you better and recommend wellness content specific to your goals. Our programs also include guidance centered around your menstrual cycle and hormones which helps regulate your cycle.

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Diverse selection of wellness lifestyle guides tailored to women’s needs.

Nutrition, activity, mindfulness, sleep, hydration — we have everything you need to lead a balanced life! You choose your goals and we’ll guide you towards reaching them. All the information you need to transform your lifestyle is now available at your fingertips. We’ll motivate you on your way, empower you with all the tools you need, and provide a fresh, personalized approach to achieving results.

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Hundreds of hours of content developed by industry experts.

There’s something for everyone — enjoy hundreds of hours with video, audio, and written content developed by experts from the industry. We’re designing personalized programs that you’ll love to use with fresh content released on a daily basis. We’ve covered all areas important to women’s wellness, and have been working hard to find one-of-a-kind content.

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Personalized tracking powered by learning algorithms and AI.

Gorgeous wellness trackers that suit any outfit or lifestyle — track your activity, sleep, stress resistance, menstrual cycle, and mindfulness. When you monitor different aspects of your well-being and lifestyle, you’ll gain insight into which areas have room for improvement, and how each feature relates to the others. With the appearance of a stylish jewelry piece, you can wear this smart device as a necklace, bracelet or clip.

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