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Did you know that most diets, workout plans, and life hacks have been based on research performed on male bodies only?

That means that they might not be working out for you because they’re not adjusted to your female biological rhythm. The rhythm has a real effect on your brain, metabolism, microbiome, immune system and stress response.

Bellabeat takes this into account when creating guided programs so that your efforts in achieving your wellness goals are more effective and more enjoyable.

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Weight loss is the healthiest and easiest to maintain when it comes as a result of a systematic lifestyle change and conscious health management.

We don’t have a magic pill to offer. But we can be here for you to help you get on track with your healthy habits and coach you into better wellness.

Did you know that for women in their adjusting the diet and exercise to support the shifting hormones proves beneficial to achieving weight goals and helps to alleviate symptoms that come with those shifts?

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We believe in driving the change in the space of women’s wellness based on research done on women’s bodies and health. Our recommendations are built on real data and science.

Thousands of Bellabeat users found that using Bellabeat resources allowed them to easily focus on all areas of wellness at the same time to achieve long-lasting, healthy results.

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Exploring new habits and routines, while fun and exciting for some, can be stressful and demotivating for others when visible results are hard to achieve.

We are here to help you reach real results that you’ll be able to see and feel, but we’re even more passionate about creating an enjoyable experience that encourages the practice of self-care and self-love in women without the unnecessary pressure and guilt.

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How happy are you in your life at the moment?

How much would you say you usually spend on your personal health and wellness per year (gym memberships, beauty treatments, supplements, etc.)?

You are a unique woman so your wellness plan should be unique as well.

Based on your information, we are creating your personalized program to show how many cycles you will have until you achieve your desired results.

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